Darts Betting in the United Kingdom

Darts provide a wide range of markets to people to bet on. With in-play, one is given several opportunities to try their luck in betting. Tennis betting, on the other hand, has darts where every darts games are divided into a number of legs. Each leg offers a chance you can place bets on. Darts is popular because it provides big checkout throughout the game. Here, correct scores markets offer the highest odds and this implies that it is not easy to select.

Darts Betting Odds and Tips

It follows the same strategy as golf betting. Here, you research the player you intend to place your bet on. With the emergence of several match events, darts tournaments and matches might follow a number of different formats. Certain events could have shorter games, with either more legs or more sets. Consequently, this might have a negative impact on your darts betting, with particular players performing excellently in short games than in long matches. Certain players also find it hard to deal with the pressure of certain renown players like Michael Van Gerwen. Therefore head to head rule has to be taken into consideration when darts betting because we have players who struggle against some opponents.

Darts Betting Events that are the Biggest

It usually pays attention to three major events plus other different events scattered in the year. The headline of darts betting event is PDC World Darts Championship. It usually takes place every year at Alexandra Palace. Here, the best darts player globally is often crowned. Another big event that is usually held in the BDO World Darts Championship. It also pits several world class and elegant darts players versus one another. The third big event that is always available and has league format in darts betting is the Premier League Darts. It encompasses eight of the global elite players of the darts and contains all-star game ups every week.


Useful Terms of Darts Betting

Bet United Kingdom(UK) have assembled a short list of terms and conditions that provide clear guidelines for darts betting. Note that darts betting contain the same betting markets just like other several sports.

Highest Checkout

Checkout is the figure or the amount a player of the dart wins on a leg. The more the checkout, the happy the game is for the player.

Legs Handicap

They usually allow a player to have either a legs disadvantage or advantage. Legs handicaps are often either -4.5 or +3.5.


9 Dart Finish

This is similar to a striker in football match scoring a hattrick. Here, a player needs 9 perfect darts. This enables the player to check out after three throws. It seldom happens.

Note that we have other betting markets at the Bet United Kingdom(UK) besides darts betting.