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We’ll have to wait for extensive information about the teams that will represent their countries in the EDGC 2016 for a while more until February, when the registration for the EDGC starts. However, most countries have nominated the most important member of their national team already: the captain. Captains’ duties involve correspondence with the tournament organizer and representing their team in ceremonies of the EDGC.

The duties of the captains do not hinder their ability to play for their team on the EDGC course. Captains are often seen battling for even the brightest medals. Many captains are acclaimed players – a couple European Champions can be found among them.


Captains of the EDGC 2016

Country Captain
AUT Austria Bernd Wender
CZE Czech Republic Jakub Novotny
DNK Denmark Kristian Engsig-Karup
EST Estonia Martin Rotmeister
FIN Finland Tapani Aulu
FRA France Gérard Morin
DEU Germany Frank Hellstern
HUN Hungary Daniel Hatvani
ISL Iceland Haukur Árnason
ITA Italy Renita Cameron
LVA Latvia Gunars Grundmanis
LTU Lithuania Darius Gricius
NLD Netherlands Peter Buijsrogge
NOR Norway Ingar Ballo Sandum
POL Poland Michał Paszkowski
RUS Russia Alexander Makarov
SVK Slovakia Richard Kollar
SVN Slovenia Bostjan Babic
ESP Spain Carlos Rio
SWE Sweden Mats Öberg
GBR United Kingdom Charlie Mead

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