Qualifying for the EDGC

The European countries’ national disc golf organizations select the players to their national teams that they will send to compete to the European Disc Golf Championships. The EDGC is not an Open tournament but limited to players from European countries only.

In general the players must qualify for their national team under rules and criteria that their national disc golf organization set for qualifying for each EDGC individually.

For more information on qualifying to the EDGC players should visit their country’s national disc golf organization’s website and/or contact their country’s EDGC 2016 captain.


National disc golf organization of each country appoints a captain for their national team of EDGC 2016.

Spots allocation

The European Disc Golf Championships Subcommittee of the PDGA Europe has allocated a certain number of spots for each country.

The allocated spots and list of captains are available on the Participants page.


Registration for the EDGC start on 3rd February 2016 and continues through the spring. Most players will be registered by the end of March.

The registration is not open to everyone. Captains are responsible for registering their team’s player for the EDGC.