About Oulu

The Capital Of Northern Scandinavia

Oulu is the largest city of Northern Scandinavia with some 250,000 inhabitants, offering an Arctic Gateway for the Euro area. The Bothnian Sea, the city, the culture and the nature are what Oulu is most recognized.

The city of Oulu is located on the coastline of the Gulf of Bothnia in the middle of a large market area between Sweden, Norway and Russia, creating the most important commercial, logistic and cultural hub of northern Scandinavia. In Oulu modern business- and tourism city meets northern peace and exoticism.

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Gateway to urban culture and to the unique nature of North

Oulu welcomes you with a laid back atmosphere in the summertime when the sun shines long into the night. The sea and the three rivers of Oulu create a calm setting to the city, whereas the nearby countryside and wilderness unfold perfect settings for recreation and relaxation.

You can find beautiful parks all around and beautiful flowers bloom everywhere in the summer. Also, the archipelago nature of the Bothnian Bay is just around the corner.

The city center is compact, vibrant and filled with activity. The main services are located within walking distance of each other and the public traffic runs smoothly. Did you know that Oulu has the most extensive cycling network in Finland and it is regarded as one of the best in Europe?

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Center of education in Northern Finland

Oulu is an educational hub with around 50,000 adult students. The population is well educated and Oulu has the youngest population in Europe.

Oulu is a city of young, highly educated professionals who have top skills – both nationally and globally. Approximately one third of the inhabitants have a university degree and first-rate language skills.

Lively and Eventful Oulu

Oulu attracts people to enjoy vivid cultural and urban life, swim in the sea and relax at sandy beaches of Nallikari or visit Oulu as part of their journey in northern Finland or to the tourism resorts in Lapland.

Oulu is known for its rather unique events. For example, the World Air Guitar Championships, which is attended by competitors all around the world or the famous Qstock summer festival. These both festivals have firmly established themselves on the cultural scene of Oulu. The festivals attract tens of thousands of visitors each year.

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