Volunteering at the EDGC!

The European Disc Golf Championships are the pinnacle of the 2016 European disc golf season. We’re looking for volunteers to help us in organizing the event. With the help of the volunteer staff we’ll be able to turn the event in to a truly great disc golf experience! Help is needed in various tasks, such as spotting, scoring, spectator guidance and course maintenance.

For the staff of the EDGC 2016 we offer:

  • A spectacular disc golf experience.
  • Lunch on each working day.
  • EDGC 2016 staff package.*
  • Discounts from the event pro shop.*
  • Access to the players party and other side-events.*

* Volunteers who work at least three full days are eligible to receive the staff package and discount from the pro shop.

You can register by filling the handy form below!

We’ll contact you in about a week after receiving your registration for a volunteer.

For more information about volunteering contact:
Jukka Teräs
Phone: 040 538 7464
Email: jukka.teras@spin18.com

We’d like all staff members to fill the form below as it’s the easiest way to get everyone’s complete information.

Volunteer registration form

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Working days*
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Special skills
E.g. Are you a PDGA Certified Official? Are you a licensed security officer? Have you had first aid training? Do you have previous experience from disc golf events? Anything else that might be handy?

Tell us something about yourself.
We want to know at least a bit about our volunteers. Also mention anything that might limit the kind of work you're able to do.

Special diets
Are you allergic to some food or do you have a special diet? Please type in the field below.

Have you been contacted about volunteering earlier?
Has someone contacted about your volunteer position at the EDGC 2016 already? Have you been issued a specific task? If yes, please tell who contacted you.